Backyard Landmine Removal


Here’s a great example of how to take a ‘problem’ and turn it into a profitable solution from Adele Colbert aged just twelve from Canada.

Check out her great video commercial which explains her unique selling propostion (USP) in just forty three seconds which is pretty amazing.


Check out her full story on this link!

Adele  started her dog poop pick-up company “Backyard Landmine Removal” at the end of February, and since then it has taken off.

She now has regular costumers and feels accomplished from what she has done.

“The best part is the pride that I have in myself, and seeing people happy makes me happy,” Colbert says.

Colbert’s dad, John Colbert, says he is proud of what his daughter has done and how she has paid for her promoting material herself.

The key lesson I took from Adele’s story is how simple she gets her message across and how easy it is to understand her business etc.

Having a good USP (unique selling proposition) is vital for ‘any’ business. The best definition I’ve ever heard for  a USP comes from Dan Kennedy. Dan says that your USP must answer this question. “Why Should I Do Business With You, Above Any And All Other Options, Including Doing Nothing, Or Whatever I’m Doing Now?”

What I have discovered over the years is that mostly all of us (business owners) have a very poor answer to this question. Our answers are all tied to things we care about, that are vague and general, and are totally incapable of actually making that emotional connection that causes people to want to do business with you! Also, your USP must be specific, consise, and meaningful.





Businesses Around The World Desperately Need YOUR Help With Their Internet Marketing!


I realised this morning while speaking with two of our clients that applying ‘online’ marketing techniques to ‘offline’ businesses is a major opportunity that could be of interest to you?

Okay, let me explain..

Many ‘offline’ businesses (Retail stores, cafe’s, adventure centres, restaurants etc) would be really interested in getting more customers using Internet Marketing and Social Media but they don’t really know where to start. They need help and are Read the rest of this entry »

Finally…..A Top Class Marketing Success Blueprint!


I’m delighted to say that I’ve finally found a fantastic information product that fully explains how ‘marketing’ should work in an easy to understand way. The information supplied can ‘transform’ any business…

I have to admit, I was skeptical when I read the sales material on this site. I’ve been disappointed so many times before with the quality of products on offer. Not so with this one. This is something I’d be happy recommending to one of my own family. Top class. I’ve written a review below.

I ‘happened’ across this product completely by accident. I was searching for tools that would help organise my office files etc when I noticed that one of the products listed focused on what Joe Gracia calls  the ‘Give to Get Marketing Solution’. The title was interesting so I clicked on the sales page for the product. Click Here!  

What I really like about the product is that the powerful concepts are explained in a very easy to understand way. One of the most important things though is that for the first time there are ‘actual’ examples of bad and good ads. That’s in terms of ads that lose a load of money for business owners and ads that can’t help but succeed.

Here’s just a small excerpt from Read the rest of this entry »

Now, Where Is That Depression Switch Gone?


   As you’ve probably guessed from reading my blog posts, I love books.

   I found this one in my attic lately and the timing was perfect. The way things are going is country (Ireland) we all need a reminder of some of lessons in this classic book. It was published in 1955. It was a follow up to Frank Bettger’s first book which was called “How I Raised Myself From Failure To Success In Selling”.

   Frank said in the follow up book that he received so many queries from people who read the original book that he decided to publish a step by step account of his success system. You can see from the scan below that I’ve had it well and truly dog-eared. It’s a great read…. (check out the price I paid for it: £1.99 🙂 )

Here’s a great excerpt from it:

How I Learned To Lick The Depression

  Just as I was leaving the office one day, Al Gould, for years one of the company’s leading producers, stopped me and asked: “How are you doing Frank?”

   “Pretty well, Mr. Gould,” I replied. “How are you doing?”

   “Well,” he said, “it looks like a bad year to me. This depression – I don’t know how long it’s going to keep up, but it looks as though it’s bound to last through the whole year now anyhow.”

   “What do you mean, depression?” I asked, surprised.

   “Why” he said, “don’t you know there’s a depression on?”

   “No,” I replied. “I don’t know anything Read the rest of this entry »

Oh My God, We Have To Settle For Biscuits!

    I think only a ‘self-employed’ person would appreciate this post. (I’ve been self-employed in one form or another for the past 30+ years. Maybe I’ve become too tough in my attitude. It certainly feels that way sometimes)

    Anyway, I was meeting a client in a hotel lobby last Monday morning. She was looking for a full range of printing for her new business. After she left, I was reviewing my notes etc, when I heard a commotion to my right. There were a group of people after coming out of their meeting room and they all seemed to be in shock. I heard comments like “Oh my god. Are you serious?” and “Ah, that’s unreal!” etc etc. I was curious as to what the problem was?

    I saw one of the group go over to the reception area to ‘find out more’ and I kept my Read the rest of this entry »

It’s Popular To Resent The Rich!

Filthy Rich


Here’s one of my favourite quotes. (It’s intended for Americans, however from my experience it’s applies anywhere you live) “The American economy cannot be revived without someone getting rich. Why not me?” – Rush Limbaugh

There’s a fairly common train of thought being depicted in the Irish media lately. I can see the same theme recurring worldwide as well. That theme is that too much wealth is concentrated in too few hands. The suggestion being that the wealth needs to be taken from the rich and redistributed to the poor.

The goverment are being urged to Read the rest of this entry »

Sometimes You Need A Giggle! :-)


I think that every now and then you need to ‘switch’ off a little from business. A chance to recharge the batteries as it were.

What better way to do that than to watch a funny video. Have a look at this clip:

I ‘happened upon’ this funny clip by the Three Stooges years ago, and I have to admit I watch it pretty often. They really don’t make them like this anymore.

So. I hope you like the ‘lighter’ note of this post and that it brings smile to your face as they say….. 🙂



Here’s a Great Example of a Business Owner Taking ACTION!


Sometimes it’s easy to fall into the trap of learning new ways to develop and grow your business and then ending up getting a nice ‘fuzzy warm confident’ feeling. It feels great for sure, but what I’ve learned (the hard way) is that it counts for nothing if you don’t take ACTION!

Implementation is King….

Here’s a great example of a business owner taking that all important ACTION!

Margaret Myler has developed a very successful business  based in Glenmore, Co. Kilkenny called Precious Paws Pet Hotel. She’s doing so many different things to market her business that it doesn’t surprise me one bit that her business is growing from strength to strength. Kinda reminds me of a true story I heard from a very successful marketer based in the States many moons ago. Here it is:

A dentist opened a brand new practise in Chicago and quickly built a very successful business. He then sold it for a very tidy profit and moved to another location (different city) and repeated the success. Word quickly got around in dentist circles that this guy ‘knew’ how to build a profitable practise that had plenty of customers.

Sometime later, while attending a seminar for dentists, he was asked the same basic question over and over again. “I need customers badly, how can I get 50 of them fast?” To which he replied “Well, I don’t know one way to get 50 customers, but I know 50 ways to get one; and I’d do them all!”

Says it all don’t Read the rest of this entry »

Tough Selling For Tough Times!


If ever a book could be described as ‘Perfect Timing’ it’s this one. It’s called ”Tough Selling For Tough Times’and it’s written by Murray Raphel and his son Neil. I had some time over Christmas and spent it reviewing some of the collection of books I’ve built up over the years. (They’re stored in my attic and the ceiling is straining under their weight at this stage 🙂 )

What A Title eh?

Here’s an excerpt from the dust jacket. “Tough Selling for Tough Times’ is a book about overcoming tough times. Tough times can come in the guise of an economic recession. But just as devastating can be a competitor opening a new business just down the street. Or a key employee getting sick. Or a bank refusing to extend a loan. Or a flood destroying your inventory.

     This book is about “tough” selling steps you can use to achieve business success. It is about people who used their abilities to overcome adversity. It is a program you can use today. In your business. And in your life.”

You can get it Amazon and all good book stores. Click Here

    It’s well worth a read. It will definitely ‘fire you up’ for 2011. There’s nothing like a ‘kick in the pants’ at the beginning of the year to knock the cobwebs off.

Here’s a great introduction quote that sets the tone for the great information in the book:

George Bernard Shaw, 1893 – Read the rest of this entry »

KISS Star Gene Simmons Rocks SuperConference

Since ‘discovering’ Dan Kennedy way back in 2004, I’ve travelled to the States to attend three of his ‘Moneymaking & Marketing’ Superconferences. As events go, they are fantastic. Imagine being at an event for 3 days where everyone was enthusiastic about finding the best tools and knowledge to help build their businesses. Everyone ‘shares’ their knowledge of what works in terms of marketing and making money. To say the atmosphere is electric at the events is an understatement. I’ve allways returned home, not just ‘charged up’ but with actual solutions I can use in my business immediately….

In 2008 I met Gene Simmons. While Gene is well known as the lead singer of the mega-successful rock band KISS, many don’t realize his skill in building businesses.  It was Gene’s business skills that made the band KISS into a financial success.

John Hayes with Gene Simmons of KISS

I remember Dan Kennedy inviting Gene up on stage and congratulated him on being the 1st winner of the Glazer-Kennedy ‘Renegade Millionaire’ award. Gene turned around and said that he was shocked by the ‘limiting’ title. Why Millionaire he said, why not ‘Billionaire’ 🙂

Also he told the story of his being the key note speaker at an event for ‘Small Business Owners’ in Hawaii once. On the podium he said that he was disgusted with the organisations name. Why ‘Small Business’ he said. Why can’t it be MEGA!.

Gene is one impressive guy. His presentation at the Superconference was really top class. The crowd were really impressed with his ambition and also his achievements.

At the SuperConference, Gene revealed several business insights:
·  Your most important asset is you, yourself and once you learn that you’ll make a lot more money
·  Life is and has always been about the pursuit of MORE.  More should be the most celebrated word
in the English language
·  If you think for Read the rest of this entry »